Our Amazing support groups

The Backbone of Our Organization

Our support groups are one of the most important services we provide to the OCD community.  These groups have proven extremely valuable to those challenged with OCD as well as to those in the helping network. 

#1 adults with ocd 

Support group

Those willing and ready can share their triumphs or challenges over the past month. Participants listen and lend support to each other with an emphasis on self help strategies and peer support.

#2 friends & family

support group

This group is open to families and to individuals who care for or live with someone who has OCD. Videos and resource materials are available and discussions are held in a round table where families can share their experiences as well as provide support and suggestions to one another. A great venue to voice questions and concerns.

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#3 goal group (post cbt)

support group

A term based group for those who have had professional led Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Participants are encouraged to set goals and, through peer support, learn new skills and ideas and continue their self-led therapy to control and reduce their OCD symptoms.  Terms run for 8-10 sessions in the spring and fall.  

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#4 building blocks 

support grouP

A group similar to the Adults OCD Group but with an added emphasis on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). Participants who have not received professional therapy can work together on combating their compulsive OCD symptoms. 

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#5 ocd book club 

lectures –  discussions –  activities

Unlike a traditional book club, this group works together on OCD related workbooks and materials to aid members in their recovery process. Group members participate in lectures, small group activities, discussions and completing their workbook assignments. 

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#6 hoarding DISORDER

support group

The facilitator encourages members to work toward their goals by utilizing cognitive behaviour therapy techniques. The format of the meetings will vary according to discussion topics and de-cluttering exercises. 

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#7 hoarding DISORDER

reading group

A second group for persons with hoarding disorder that runs in addition to the general Compulsive Hoarding Support Group. Participants work through the book, ‘Buried in Treasures- Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving and Hoarding’ by David Tolin, Randy Frost and Gail Steketee.  Copies are available to purchase from the OCDC office.  

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#8 YouNG ADULT Group


The OCD Centre  is excited to offer a new peer-support group for young adults. This group will act as a supportive environment for young adults who are living with a diagnosis of OCD. The group will focus on a safe protected space for self-reflection and encouragement.

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